Featured Artist: Gary Stinton

1st June 2015 - 9:00 AM

Gary Stinton is a highly successful contemporary artist and the Kennel Club is fortunate to hold a number of his pieces within its collection. Gary often works in pastel on museum board, but oil on paper and oil on canvas are also part of his oeuvre. His style is rich in texture and full of depth, and his impressive draughtsmanship is evident in all of his works.  Although possessed of a humble attitude, Gary has recently undertaken a successful exhibition in Florida, USA, with further shows in the pipeline. Conversations with the artist have always demonstrated his commitment to the in-depth study of his subjects, be they horses, big cats or, in this particular case, dogs. We recently contacted Gary to ask for some words on how he got started, and his work in general, and he kindly sent in the following:

"I became a professional artist in 1985 and back then I mainly painted dog portraits. I enjoyed it because people are very friendly when you meet them with their dogs and there is no gratitude like that of a dog owner receiving a successful portrait. There is no animal as cooperative as a dog when doing a portrait either.

The aim of a portrait is to make the picture live and because dogs do not live long enough the picture is always there to remember them by. For me, life is the most important element of this world.

Exhibitions with the Park Walk Gallery have taken up most of my time since 1997, but dog commissions still come in occasionally. I do enjoy them because it's a good way of keeping in touch with the clients as exhibition work is so often sold to people I never meet.

We can all relate to dogs; they are on our wavelength and this can extend to other predators like the cat family and that's why I mainly paint them. Having said that, I have recently found giraffes very interesting; to be honest, the whole natural world fascinates me and also gives me a dislike for machinery which damages the environment.

Whatever we do to this planet in the future, dogs will always be there by our side."

  • Image of black labrador reproduced with kind permission of the Kennel Club Arts Foundation.

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