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Crufts 2016 Obreedience Qualifying Teams Announced

Crufts 2016 Final Obreedience Qualifying Heat Results

The last heat towards qualifying for Crufts 2016 was held at Stoneleigh Park on 7 November where no fewer than 15 teams representing 14 different breeds were expertly judged by Marney Wells. After a very close run competition, the "Spantastic Spanners" team of English Springer Spaniels emerged victorious closely followed by the "Team Toller" Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers in second spot and the other Toller team, "Tollerific" took third spot. Teams were enthusiastically supported throughout the day as they had been over all four qualifying heats.

The results from this heat now confirm the following ten teams have all qualified for Crufts 2016:

Team Name



Team Smiliesam



Team ROAG'S Babes

German Shepherd Dogs


Team Toller

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever


Team Whippet



Team Cavaliers At Work

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels


Team Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever


Team The Petit Pyreneans

Pyrenean Sheepdogs


Spantastic Spanners

English Springer Spaniel


Team Kinaway

Border Collies


Team Greyt Expectations



Crufts Qualifying Obreedience Heats

The purpose of Obreedience is to encourage more breeds to 'have a go' at some of the tests associated with competitive obedience but in a less formal competitive environment.

The Obreedience display had its second successful year at Crufts this March with the English Shetland Sheepdog team emerging as eventual champions. Obreedience is a team event and showcases the talents of each breed through a series of fun exercises and it is perfect for all ages and abilities.

It mixes the best aspects of obedience with the camaraderie found amongst breed enthusiasts, each Obreedience team must comprise of four handlers and four dogs of the same breed who take part in two rounds of competition including a round of heelwork performed together as a group and then four set exercises including a retrieve, a 'send to bed', commanding the dog to stop, and a scent exercise.

This year there were four qualifying heats with teams collecting points from 1st to 10th in each heat and the top 10 teams with the most points from all four heats invited to compete in the final at Crufts 2016 subject to a maximum of three breeds per Breed Group and subject to the Crufts management's discretion.

The team with the highest number of points within each breed will represent that breed in the final. In the event that two or more teams of the same breed have the same number of points, the team which has achieved the highest placing at the heats will take precedence.

Forest Oak Farm Heat Judges Report by Dawn Cox

The first Obreedience heat was held at Forest Oak Farm and was a great success. All the teams completed the heelwork pattern first with both the Greyhounds and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels putting in a great round. It was clear that the nerves were high for all the teams and the room was quiet as the audience and waiting competitors watched the performances. Several of the teams struggled with keeping the spacing between the handlers consistent and this was particularly the case after the weave section of the course. 

The set exercises followed in order of Send to Bed, Stop on Command and Retrieve. The Scent exercise was left until last to ensure the dogs completing the other exercises were not distracted by the scent articles.  Overall the Send to Bed was a successful round with many teams gaining a clear round and others only losing a few marks, however the Cavaliers certainly won on the cute factor!  The Stop on Command proved more difficult with only the German Shepherd Dogs and the Beauceron's halting and following the handler commands within the set area. The retrieve round was more successful and almost all dogs performed a lovely fast retrieve and many with beautiful presents. The Border Collies lived up to the high expectations of their breed and demonstrated a wonderful retrieve only loosing quarter of a point. It was also spectacular to see the less traditional breeds such as the Whippets, Cavaliers and Samoyeds showing the crowd how it's done. 

The Scent round proved by far the most challenging particularly as handlers had been advised that no commands, either verbal or visual would be permitted in the set area. Many handlers found this a challenge and unfortunately this meant that some successful scents by the dogs lost marks due to handler error. However the German Shepherds and Cavaliers were both outstanding with the Whippets and the Pyrenean Sheepdogs also putting in very strong performances. 

Congratulations to the winning teams and well done to all the teams for taking part in the competition. There was a lovely atmosphere with all the teams cheering on their fellow competitors and it was a delight to watch all the different breeds working together as a team. 

The judge Dawn Cox and her team of stewards and helpers did a fantastic job of organising the ring and the judging was fair and consistent. 

The winning team of German Shepherd Dogs, Roags Babes are all brothers and sisters from the same mother (Roag) whom the team is named after. The team captain Susan Wolfe said "we are highly delighted to have won the Obreedience heat here today. I am thrilled with the team, both the handlers and the dogs; Dylan, Jasmine, Bella and Honey. We would also like to say what a great venue in which to hold the heat."

The final results for the Forest Oak heat were as follows: 

1st - Team Roags Babes - German Shepherd Dogs Photo Credit Dog Training Weekly

2nd - Team Cavaliers at Work - Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Photo Credit Dog Training Weekly

3rd - Team Whippets - Whippets Photo Credit Dog Training Weekly

4th - Team Kinaway - Border Collies Photo Credit Dog Training Weekly