MyKC update

The Kennel Club will soon be launching a new and improved website. Our new website will ensure all of your Kennel Club information is in one place and is easy for you to find, as well as improve upon our popular services such as Find a Puppy.

Following feedback on our current website, we have made our new website much easier to use on mobile and tablets. To achieve this, we’ve removed some of the less popular features of myKC.

The below information will not show in your account in the future. Please take note of this information before 17 July 2020

  • Contacts in your address book
  • Reminders and diary entries
  • Photos
  • Downloads and PDFs
  • Notes (such as milestones, diet, weight, medical history etc
  • Past litter applications (all registration information is retained in our database).

Once the website is launched, you’ll still be able to see all of your registered dogs in your account, however for security purposes you will be asked to verify your details and create a new password when you log in. Please use the same email address you currently use for myKC to ensure you still see all of your registered dogs.

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