Canine colleagues help to boost workplace satisfaction

Research shows majority of workforce support dog-friendly policies
  • Organisations could benefit from opening their doors to dogs, as new research shows almost 60% of millennials and generation Z support dog-friendly workplaces, citing benefits including alleviating stress, boosting morale, and creating a friendly atmosphere
  • Dog-friendly workplaces can also attract new generation of job-seekers
  • The Kennel Club supports businesses and offices to improve dog-friendly credentials via its Open for Dogs campaign
Research from The Kennel Club, released ahead of Bring Your Dog to Work Day (24 June), shows that opening workplaces to our four-legged friends can have a positive effect for both employers and employees, particularly among millennials and generation Z.

While the benefits of dog ownership are widely known, their presence can also have a positive impact on their owner’s colleagues, when introduced into the workplace. In fact, with millennials now making up a large proportion of the workforce, 25-34 year olds were the strongest supporters of dog-friendly policies, with nearly three in five (59 per cent) agreeing that workplaces would benefit from being dog-friendly, followed by 57 per cent of those aged 16-25.

Among the advantages cited for bringing your dog to work, the most popular among millennials were that dogs help to alleviate stress in the workplace, as well as making the atmosphere more friendly, with nearly two-thirds concurring (63 per cent). Furthermore, over half (51 per cent) believe dogs help to improve morale and job satisfaction, while 45 per cent believe they also have a positive impact on their health and wellbeing by encouraging employees to take breaks from their computer screens.

Dog-friendly offices can also be beneficial for those looking to attract new talent, with 45 per cent of 16-24 year olds, the youngest generation of the working population, admitting that dog-friendly policies make a company more attractive for prospective dog-owning job seekers. With an estimated nine million pet dogs now living in the UK, following a surge in people buying puppies during the pandemic, a dog-friendly policy is a powerful way for companies to stand out from the crowd and show they are forward-thinking, in an incredibly competitive and candidate-driven market.

As part of The Kennel Club’s Open for Dogs campaign which encourages businesses, workplaces and other public places to welcome our dogs, the organisation is urging companies to consider the benefits of being dog-friendly. The campaign provides advice, tools and resources, from downloadable dog-friendly policies, to tips for both owners who want to bring their dog to work, and workplaces who want to open for dogs.

Mark Beazley, Chief Executive at The Kennel Club commented: “Our research shows that welcoming our four-legged friends to the office can have an incredibly positive impact among staff. Our canine colleagues help to boost morale, encourage socialisation between employees, and it has been scientifically proven that dogs can lower stress, heart rate and blood pressure. It can also provide a great opportunity for owners to socialise their dogs, and prevent any negative welfare impacts of being left at home. These benefits are one of the many reasons that we encourage workplaces to be Open for Dogs, and why we believe dog-friendly policies are so valuable for dogs, owners and colleagues alike.

“Of course, owners need to ensure that their dogs are ‘office-ready’, through making sure they are happy, confident and well-trained, as well as factoring in their needs with regular breaks and exercise throughout the day.”

The Kennel Club has dedicated resources for both dog-owning employees and business owners who want to make the working environment more welcoming for dogs. As well as tips on how to prepare, these include templates and toolkits for how to adopt a dog-friendly policy. For more information on how to make your office open for dogs, please visit The Kennel Club website.

Find out more about The Kennel Club’s Open for Dogs campaign.