Kennel Club urges exhibitors to have their say on animal exhibit regulations in Wales

The newly proposed Regulations could impact on thousands of responsible dog owners pursuing their hobby in Wales

The Kennel Club is urging dog show exhibitors from across the UK to write to the Welsh Government to prevent thousands of people who show dogs in Wales being caught in a newly proposed licensing system.

The Welsh Government is currently consulting on new Regulations regarding Animal Exhibits, including the proposal that anyone exhibiting an animal in Wales will need to be licensed and inspected. This will apply not only to those who live in Wales, but any exhibitor who shows dogs at any Welsh show. The Regulations will also require anyone who lives in Wales and exclusively exhibits their dogs outside of Wales to also obtain a licence and be inspected.

Although those competing in canine activity disciplines are exempt, the proposed amendment to the Animal Welfare Act in Wales would affect a huge number of dog show exhibitors; there are around 200 local dog shows that take place in Wales annually, as well as two major shows run by the Welsh Kennel Club and the South Wales Kennel Association. The Welsh Kennel Club show attracts around 9,000 dogs. 

Seeking support from dog show exhibitors to exempt themselves from the licensing system, the Kennel Club has drafted guidelines to assist those who would be affected and wish to respond to the consultation, which closes on November 21.

Holly Conway, Head of Public Affairs at the Kennel Club, said: “This proposal is a real concern for exhibitors who benefit so much from their hobby and canine companionship. It’s nonsensical for these responsible dog owners to be licensed, and inspected, simply for continuing to pursue a hobby, and is a waste of valuable local authority time and resource. We sincerely hope the Welsh Government will listen to these concerns and consider exempting those who take part in dog shows from the Regulations.

“We urge anyone who shows dogs, regardless of whether or not they live in Wales, to support us in preventing this proposal applying to dog show exhibitors by responding to the consultation and writing to their Assembly Member or indeed their MP or MSP.”