Rotation of group days at general championship shows

The Kennel Club wishes to recommend that general championship shows rotate their group days, it has been announced.

The Show Executive Committee (SEC) has received a number of requests from exhibitors via the Shows Liaison Council who would like to see societies offer greater flexibility in relation to which groups are judged on which days at general championship shows.

The ten ‘all breeds’ championship shows, which offer Challenge Certificates for every eligible breed, are already required to rotate their group days in order to qualify for their all breeds status.

In making this recommendation, the SEC is mindful that it is not always practical for societies to rotate their group days each and every year, which is why it is not mandatory. However, group rotation is still recommended.

Kathryn Mansfield, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “The rotation of group days offers a number of benefits to exhibitors, including the ability to take annual leave in a fairer way. There are some societies which schedule the same groups on the same days, year in year out, which cannot make them an attractive prospect to those exhibitors whose working days are fixed and cannot be negotiated.

“In other cases, some exhibitors say they are reluctant to travel via certain routes on particular days of the week. It is therefore beneficial for societies to attract entries by rotating their group days.”

Any enquiries in relation to this matter should be directed to our breed shows team.