Kennel Club reveals Agility Team GB squad for 2020

The Kennel Club has announced the names of the competitors who will be part of the Agility Team GB squad in 2020.

Two teams will be selected from the newly announced squad, which will go on to represent Great Britain at the European Open Agility Championships at Rutland Showground, UK from 30th July – 2nd August 2020 and the FCI World Agility Championships in Tallinn, Estonia from 10th-13th September 2020

Agility Team GB is supported by the Kennel Club, Natural Instinct and Hartpury University and Hartpury College.

The 2020 squad was selected following the collection and submission of points from prestige agility events held during 2019.  The squad will attend two squad days at Hartpury, as well as a Performance Weekend which is being held Vale View Equestrian Centre, a new venue for 2020. Following the Performance Weekend, teams will be selected for each of the championships.

Team Manager, Mark Laker said: “I'm sure this year's squad members are as excited as I am to be part of Agility Team GB in 2020 in a very special year for British agility as we host the European Open. I'd like to welcome all the squad members and I look forward to working with them as they prepare for team selection in March.”

A spokesperson for Natural Instinct, sponsor of Agility Team GB, said: “Natural Instinct are very happy to sponsor the Agility Team GB throughout 2020. It has been a joy to support this fantastic team throughout the past year and we are excited to see what the future holds!”

Lucy Bearman-Brown, senior lecturer at Hartpury said: “It’s very exciting to support Agility Team GB, to have the opportunity to watch them develop and hopefully succeed over the year. Hartpury’s facilities will be available to support the team and will provide some enjoyable days in the heart of the Gloucestershire countryside. We very much look forward to welcoming you all to our beautiful campus.”

The successful handlers and dogs are as follows:

Large squad

Bonny Quick with Infinity Light Trail of Flames

Connie Sellers-Lane with Beware of the Bear

Connie Sellers-Lane with Diagemtas Serge

Dalton Meredith with Neon Oxide

Dan Shaw with Ag Ch Comebyanaway Redefined

Dave Munnings with Ah Ch Comebyanaway Reddy For Fame

Debby Simons with Famous Falcon Of Mogwai's Castle

Ellen Sleight with Teddy Bear Grylls

Euan Paterson with Devongem Quick Time

Gemma Haycock with Lalapaws Turn Up The Jukebox

Helen Postle with Delanor Dark Agent

Helen Postle with Izzi Clever Fox

Jane Seller with Elswish Dark Legend

Jenny Kimber with Fandabidozi Dare to Rumba

Jo Gleed with Lookylooky Ready Or Not

Jo Tristram with Ensorcell Back In Black

Lisa Duggan with Devongem Tri Ted

Lisa Duggan with Indistorm Breeze On By

Louise McCulloch with Darleyfalls He's Got Style

Louise McCulloch with Leebear Dream Take Two

Marita Davies with Lalapaws Taken By Surprise

Martin Reid with Ag Ch Borderpaws Secret Surprise

Martin Reid with Lilhaze Secret Pleasure

Megan Hunt with A Moment In Thyme

Naarah Cuddy with Lilhaze Dark Pleasure

Natasha Wise with Ag Ch Nedlo Flipping Shiny Pebble

Nicola Wildman with Devongem Freekin Awesome

Oliver Tatton with Never A Moment Of Dullness

Pia Glover with Soldaze One Summer Dream

Shannon Springford with Castomya Love is Gifted at Shansdream

Sian Illingworth with Zhanisgos Secret Agent

Stephanie Best with Dare to Dream it Must be Fate

Stephanie Best with Maximum Reds

Tunde Bell with Nedlo Black Betti Bambalam

Walter Dingemanse with Nice of You to Come Bye Double Dice


Medium squad

Aemillia Nicholson with Little Miss Woo Woo

Blyth Fox with Devongem Golden Moment

Camryn Macleod with Folkvang Purple Lucky

Christine Hicks with Uphill Flyer

Ellie Curtis with Cacciatore Greenfinch

Hannah Thorp with Izzie Catch A Falling Star

Hayley Telling with Ag Ch New Illusions Bi Enchantment of the Five Colors

James Adams with Devongem Tiz Gold Standard

Jane Chenery with Blackengine Dusk

Jo Gleed with Devongem firing it up

Jo Gleed with Spiderwick Nimble Ninja

Kayleigh Hewitt with Wildas Jerry Seinfeld AW(P)

Lauren Burns with The Harlequin Fox

Liesl Plekker with Gypsy vom Schloss Feengrund

Liz Carpenter with Moseleywood Winnie AW(S)

Naomi Read with Little Miss Jumping Jinx

Sam Towe with Licosateria Shades of Blue

Sammy Pegg with Leebeardream Plug In Baby

Shannon Springford with Ag Ch Shansdream Gift of Love


Small squad

Alan Bray with Ag Ch Devongem Firestarter at Upanovatiger

Amy Bennett with Heaven Sent to Mirramay

Apryl Britton with Never Let Go of the Five Colors

Bonny Quick with Ag Ch Goldheart Trail of Flames

Chloe Brown with Licosateria Mai Sunbeam

Claire Bacon with Devongem Gold Coast

Helen Roberts with Our Little Pop of Gold

Julie Dunlop with Hillsidejemz Firecracker

Karen Boardman with Devongem Tiz Unbeatable

Katrina Hands with Minxin It Up

Katrina Hands with Set the Pace of Summergarden

Lauren Langman with Maesydderwen Shine Bright at Devongem

Lauren Langman with Ag Ch Samsir Blinkin Brilliant at Devongem

Lou Cadman with Maddest Moment Yet

Marc Wingate-Wynne with Obay Thatz Entertainment

Nina Rajala with Piikachu´s Best Start at Zanimo´s

Rachel Ward with Blazecroft Midnight Akemi

Sam Lane with Hillsidejemz Evil Genius

Sarah McLean with Milo'd Of Mischief

Summer Clark with Triggerwick's Ruby AW(G)