Kennel Club responds to the House of Commons Petitions Committee report on fireworks

Following the report, published today by the House of Commons Petitions Committee, regarding the sale and use of fireworks, Ed Hayes, Public Affairs and Policy Manager at the Kennel Club said: “The Kennel Club welcomes this report and the subsequent recommendations that have been put forward.

“As the largest organisation in the UK dedicated to dog health and welfare, we have long campaigned for much tougher restrictions around the sale and use of fireworks. The actions that have been outlined in the report are very much aligned with those that we have continued to call for, including a reduced maximum decibel limit that would diminish the risks to animals’ health as well as a mandatory local authority permit scheme for firework displays. We would like to see a system whereby all displays are publically listed, so dog owners are aware of when and where fireworks will be set off in advance.

“With Fireworks Night celebrations taking place across the country tonight, this time of year is a particularly frightening and distressing time for the nation’s dogs and pets, and can lead to unpredictable behaviour, often with tragic consequences.  This report shows that the current restrictions in place are simply not sufficient and are failing to protect people and animals from harm. We hope the next Government will listen and take action and we are open to further collaboration based on these recommendations.”