New DNA testing scheme for the Miniature Poodle

The Kennel Club has approved a new official DNA testing scheme for osteochondrodysplasia (OC) in the Miniature Poodle following consultation with the breed’s health co-ordinator on behalf of the breed clubs.

OC is a severe form of dwarfism involving abnormalities in cartilage and bone development. Clinical signs are manifest in puppies as young as three weeks old and include stunted growth and abnormal movement, with deformity of limbs, jaws and rib cage becoming apparent. Many affected puppies are euthanised as joint stiffness is profound in young dogs. While such joint stiffness lessens as the dog matures, mobility may remain restricted due to physical abnormalities and affected adult dogs are at increased risk of osteoarthritis.

The Kennel Club constantly reviews DNA testing schemes in conjunction with breed clubs to ensure that breeders are supported with resources which help them to make responsible breeding decisions.

The Kennel Club works alongside breed clubs and breed health coordinators in a collaborative effort to improve the health of pedigree dogs and is happy to accommodate a club's request to add a new DNA test to its lists. A formal request from the breed's health coordinator or a majority request from the breed clubs is normally required to do this.

Test results will be added to the dog’s registration details which will trigger the publication of the result in the next available Breed Records Supplement. The result will appear on any new registration certificate issued for the dog and on the registration certificates of any future progeny of the dog, and also on the Health Test Results Finder on the Kennel Club website. Results for dogs already tested can also be recorded, but owners will need to submit copies of the DNA certificates themselves.

If the owner includes the original registration certificate for the dog (not a copy) then a new registration certificate will be issued, with the DNA result on it, free of charge. DNA test certificates should be sent to Breeder Services, The Kennel Club, Clarges Street, London W1J 8AB or scanned and emailed to our health results team.