The Kennel Club response to Scottish proposals to toughen animal welfare legislation

The Kennel Club today responded to the proposals put forward by the Scottish Government to amend the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006.

It said: “The Kennel Club has long supported and campaigned for stronger legislation to improve animal welfare, so we welcome these proposals from the Scottish Government. Tougher penalties for offences, including attacks against service animals, which is the basis of Finn’s Law, would be a huge win for animal welfare.

“The proposed changes also aim to tackle the significant welfare implications presented to vulnerable dogs - who may have been neglected or abused - if they are kennelled for extended lengths of time after being seized. Given that the costs to local authorities are so prohibitive, legislation that allows for speedier rehoming of the animals, considering welfare as a priority, would be a very positive change. 

“We also recognise the benefits of using penalty notices for lesser offences, in order to enable a quick and proportionate response, so long as these are issued appropriately and not as an easy option.”