Kennel Club to publish Petagenics DNA test results

The Kennel Club is to publish DNA test results which have been issued by Petagenics Canine Genetic Services, following receipt of a formal application. These results will be able to be accessed via the Kennel Club’s Health Test Results Finder web-tool.

The Kennel Club requested and received documentation pertaining to sample collection, dissemination and presentation of results, terms and conditions and dispute policy, as well as some background information on the company.

All samples received by Petagenics are sent to PawPrint Genetics in the US, who are the partner testing laboratory for Petagenics.

Petagenics have agreed to send results direct to the Kennel Club on a monthly basis with immediate effect, provided that the owner of the dog has requested this on their submission form.

View The Kennel Club’s Health Test Results Finder.

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