Perthshire dog wins Kennel Club’s 17th Hunt, Point and Retrieve Championship

A five-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer from Perthshire has won the Kennel Club’s 17th Hunt, Point and Retrieve (HPR) Championship, sponsored by Skinner’s Pet Foods, held at the Swinton Estate in Ripon, North Yorkshire by kind permission of Lord Masham.

FT Ch Aytee Jumbo Jet of Islasbraw, owned by Darryl Elliot, was awarded first place at the competition which saw talented working gundogs from Hunt, Point and Retrieve breeds tested on their natural working ability. The judges were Mr C Wilkinson and Mr P Bakewell.

Darryl said: “It is an achievement to qualify for the HPR Championship let alone win it. FT Ch Aytee Jumbo jet of Islasbraw, known at home as Lewis, is my second German Shorthaired Pointer and is the most modest, trainable dog I have ever had. His goal is to do what you ask of him with no ulterior motive. He is simply a good boy and very capable and talented with it.

“When on the big stage, Lewis feels the pressure but that part of his personality is what makes him easy to handle and willing to do the right thing for you. I am a full-time gamekeeper and am finding it so interesting and exciting to work my GSPs on our estate and also in competition where you see such a variety of HPR breeds proving their versatility as all-round gundogs.

“I feel privileged to have won the 2018 HPR Championship alongside an accomplished field of dogs and handlers. I am lucky to be sharing Lewis's life and our achievement together as a team.”

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “The HPR Championship is designed specifically to test the dogs’ quartering, hunting and retrieving skills at a championship level, and offers the chance for owners of HPR breeds to demonstrate the working skills of their dogs in a competitive setting.

“The championship included some of the best and most talented dogs within the HPR breeds, dogs that are very much fit for function and eager to work hard for their handlers. Huge congratulations go to the winning dogs and handlers, particularly Darryl with Lewis.”

The judges chose the following winners at the trial:

  • 1st – Mr D Elliot, FT Ch Aytee Jumbo Jet of Islasbraw, German Shorthaired Pointer dog.
  • 2nd – Mr J Hudson, Fechlindream Don, Korthals Griffon dog.

The winner of the Caldera Trophy, for the breeder of the winning dog, was Mrs L Hustler.

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