Changes to agility regulations

 The Kennel Club has recently approved the following changes to the regulations for agility.

With effect from 1st January 2019, the following regulation has been amended to allow for dogs to wear a medicated collar such as a flea collar in place of, but not as well as, a flat leather or webbing collar whilst competing.

Amendment to Regulation H(1)10.c


c. Dogs must not wear any type of slip, half-slip collar or lead when under test. A single flat, close fitting, leather or webbing collar is permitted, providing the only attachment is a plain identification panel as an integral part of the collar i.e.: not attached by a ring.

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With effect from 1st July 2018, the following regulations have been amended to allow for the length of the long jump and the width of the rising spread equipment to be reduced for the Lower Height Option.

Amendment to Regulation H(1)(A)7 and H(1)(B)1.c

Regulation H(1)(A)7


Societies may offer the Lower Height Option to all dogs in that height category and it may be offered at all grades. It is to be run as part of any Standard class as defined in these regulations and must be clearly identified in the schedule. Each relevant class will have two heights with a change part way through to raise/lower the jump heights and may extend/reduce the length of the long jump and width of the rising spread, within the permitted ranges, and competitors must run at their entered height…

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Regulation H(1)(B)1.c


No practice is allowed on the course save that competitors will be allowed to walk the course set at Small, Medium or Large height without their dog(s) before the class begins.The height of the hurdles may be raised/lowered and the length of the long jump and width of the rising spread may be extended/reduced, within the permitted ranges, during the course walking time if multiple heights are offered within the same class.

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Amendment to Regulation H(1)(B)4.(15)

The following regulation has been amended to make it clear that the result of an Additional Measurement takes effect immediately and does not require confirmation from the Kennel Club.

Regulation H(1)(B)4.(15)


(15)   The dog will continue competing at its current height until the additional measurement has been completed and confirmed by the Kennel Club. The Kennel Club will confirm the results of the additional measure in due course.

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