Trouble from Blackpool wins one of Britain’s largest dog shows

A dog named Trouble, owned by Lisa Nelson of Blackpool, has won Best in Show at the prestigious Three Counties Championship Dog Show in Worcestershire.

The three-year-old American Cocker Spaniel, whose official Kennel Club name is American, British and Irish Show Champion Silhouette Troubling Naisailleen with Mycalleys, beat more than 7,000 other dogs to claim the title at one of the UK’s largest dog shows.

Trouble was handled to his victory by Lisa who has competed at dog shows since childhood. She owns him in partnership with her sister Leanne Bryant and Beverley Morris.

No wonder Trouble looked immaculate at the show. Lisa and Leanne own the Fylde Pet Parlour in Preston where among their clients are some of the thousands of pedigree dogs which will be competing at the huge Blackpool Championship Dog Show in Redwood Park, not far from their grooming salon, this weekend, Friday June 22nd – Sunday 24th.

The Kennel Club recognises 221 breeds of pedigree dog. Although the American Cocker Spaniel started in the US as a continuation of the English type, by the 1920s there was a marked divergence with some American breeders selecting more domed heads, shorter muzzles and a more profuse coat. By 1945, the American Kennel Club gave separate breed status to the two breeds – known in the UK as the Cocker Spaniel and the American Cocker Spaniel.

Being a gundog breed, American Cocker Spaniels do need regular walks and are relatively easy to train, especially if given the right encouragement. Their coat requires regular brushing in order to remove tangles and achieve the desired glamorous look. However, looks can be deceiving and it is worth bearing in mind that the breed still retains a working instinct and is used by some owners as a gundog hunting in the field – in these cases, it is often more manageable to keep the coat clipped off.

Lisa said: “We feel very proud and emotional that Trouble has won this prestigious show. We’ve had a number of show champions over the years but he is our first Best in Show winner at a British all-breeds championship show.

“He is an absolute sweetheart to live with and is very loving. His favourite thing is his squeaky rugby ball, which he loves.”

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