New talk announced and dates extended for 'Significant Women' exhibition at Kennel Club Art Gallery

The Kennel Club has announced that due to popular demand, the ‘Significant Women, who have made a difference for dogs’ exhibition in the Kennel Club Art Gallery in London, will now remain open until Friday 27th July. The popular exhibition opened in February and comes at a time where many in the UK are celebrating the centenary of women getting the right to vote.

To complement the exhibition, the ‘Significant Women’ curator, author and canine historian Valerie Foss, will be giving a talk on how this exhibition was created and how each of the women highlighted in the exhibition were chosen. The fascinating talk will be held at the Kennel Club in London on 4th July at 11am with tickets costing £7.

The exhibition focuses on twenty different women who made significant contributions to the world of dogs during their lifetimes including Queen Victoria, the first monarch to compete and win at dog shows; founder of the PDSA, Maria Dickin; renowned canine artist Maud Earl; Alice Stennard Robinson, creator of the Ladies Kennel Association; leading suffragette and a founder of the animal rights movement, Frances Power Cobbe; and Britain’s first female dog show judge, Mary Ann Foster, who stepped in to the judging ring in 1889.

A combination of exhibits drawn from the Kennel Club’s own collection and those loaned from private collections, honours the women who have made such a difference in the world of dogs. The world of dog breeding and showing was once an exclusively male field but thanks to the determination of many incredible women including those in the spotlight for the Kennel Club’s exhibition, women have become increasingly involved in the world of dogs.

Visitors to the exhibition will also have the opportunity to view original photographs featuring many of the significant women and their dogs including a medal won by Queen Victoria’s Pomeranian Marco and a silver model of Kathleen Duchess of Newcastle’s Borzoi Ch Tsaretsa.

The Art Gallery is open to all and free to visit, however an appointment is necessary. Visiting hours are Monday to Friday 9.30am-4.30pm. To book an appointment please contact the Gallery team.