Husky from Mansfield wins one of Britain’s largest dog shows

A dog named Akela, owned by Jessica Allen of Mansfield, has won Best in Show at the prestigious Windsor Championship Dog Show in Berkshire.

The 20-month-old Siberian Husky, whose official Kennel Club name is Champion Siberiadrift Keep The Love For Zimavolk, beat over 8,000 other dogs to claim the title at one of the UK’s largest dog shows.

Akela was handled to his victory by Jessica who says he is the first dog she has shown really consistently. “I’ve always admired Huskies and their characteristics”, she said. “They are such an energetic and fun-loving breed.”

The Kennel Club recognises 221 breeds of pedigree dog. The Siberian Husky is the lightest and fastest of the sled dogs and, as his name suggests, originates from the Northeast of Siberia where he was known also as the Chukchi sled dog after the tribe of Eskimos who used the breed for centuries for long distance sled hauling.

Being a working breed, they do need regular walks. However, care must be taken to exercise them only in enclosed spaces or on a lead, as otherwise, being a pack animal (which means they get on well with other Huskies), they may run away. They are also natural hunters and therefore are unsuited to being kept alongside other pets such as cats and rabbits. Huskies have an enthusiastic following in the UK, who enjoy working the dogs in harness in order to bring out the natural athleticism and stamina of the breed.

Jessica said: “It was an absolutely amazing feeling when Akela won – I never dreamt it would happen. He was made into a champion on the Saturday in the Husky classes and I didn’t think it could get any better. Then he returned on the Sunday and won Best in Show. I still can’t believe it! He is full of energy at home and has such a fantastic, cheeky character – he always keeps us smiling.”

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