Change to flyball regulations

The Kennel Club has recently approved the following change to the regulations for flyball, effective from 1st July 2018.

The below regulation has been amended to bring the dimensions of the box in line with the British Flyball Association’s regulations, to ensure consistent equipment for dogs competing in flyball.

Amendment to Regulation V(1)5.b


Box—Flyball boxes used for this competition will be of the commercially available flat fronted type. All boxes to have a mechanical release mechanism. When the ball is released it must have a free unobstructed flight of not less than 61cm (24”) from the box cup in a forward direction. Boxes shall not exceed 61 76cm (24 30”) in width, 45.7 50.8cm (18 20”) in height or 76.2cm (30”) in depth. The dimensions do not include any platform the box loader uses to hold the box in place.

NOTE: Boxes should be constructed with the comfort and well being of the dog in mind. Sharp edges should be avoided and adequate padding and protection must be used. Alternative designs may be used provided the principles of safety are maintained. Each team must supply its own box.

(Deletions struck through. Insertions underlined.)