Judges Competency Framework Update

Following initial comments from the pilot breed clubs and feedback at question and answer sessions and other events where the Judges Competency Framework (JCF) has been discussed with Kennel Club staff and committee members, the JCF working party has announced that some adjustments have been made to JCF requirements.

It has been agreed that the stewarding requirement for judges at entry level be increased from four full days of stewarding to six full days. 
In addition, the critique writing seminar will now be mandatory for Level 1 judges. It was previously announced that this was compulsory for people at Level 2. This means that the Level 1 requirements centre around general skills and Level 2 is entirely breed-specific focused.

Further, the working party has directed that Kennel Club Academy membership will not be required from 1st January 2022 for those who have accepted to act as a referee at a breed club show and have no further wish to judge. For championship shows, breed clubs can appoint anyone who has previously awarded CCs in the breed to undertake this role and KC approval will not be formally required. This applies to referees at breed club shows only and not to judges appointed to award BIS at general, group or sub-group shows (ie not variety breeds such as Dachshund, Poodle etc).

Jeff Horswell, JCF working party chairman, said: “These adjustments have come about as a result of constructive feedback received by the Kennel Club. It was felt that four days of stewarding was not enough in order for a novice judge to learn about ring procedure and other aspects of judging. Equally, some clubs were of the view that the critique writing seminar would be of greater benefit earlier in a person’s judging career – this is very important in view of the impending regulation change which will make the writing of critiques compulsory for all judges officiating at both open and championship shows. “Finally, the Kennel Club has decided to waive the requirement of Kennel Club Academy membership for any judge who wishes to officiate as a referee for a single breed and in no other capacity. In many cases, these judges are people who are nearing the end of their judging career, so it was felt that this was the Kennel Club’s opportunity to thank them for their service to their breed.”