Kennel Club Statement On The Reinstatement Of The German Shepherd Dog League Of Great Britain As A Registered Society

The Kennel Club Board has agreed to reinstate the German Shepherd Dog League of Great Britain as a registered society following its period of suspension since 11 April 2016.

The suspension was imposed last year as the League was not prepared to cease using the term ‘champion’. Nor would it agree not to hold its own Sieger event in opposition to the established British Sieger Competition. The Board confirmed it would consider reinstatement if the League agreed to these two conditions.

The League has confirmed that it will cease using its own champion title, and, in the light of its recently published, signed statement that it will work in harmony with the British Association for GSDs and the GSD Breed Council to organise one annual British Sieger competition, the Board considered that both of its conditions had been met and agreed the League’s reinstatement as a registered society.

In reaching this decision, the Board sincerely hopes the Kennel Club can look forward to a productive relationship with the League now the suspension has been lifted.