Changes to Kennel Club Working Trials Regulations

The Kennel Club has recently approved a number of changes to the regulations for working trials.

With effect from 1st January 2018, the following amendments to the regulations have been made:

Amendment to Regulation I(C)1

In order to ensure that dogs are being adequately tested, the regulations have been amended to state that the handler may not be in possession of food or toys whilst the dog is under test.

Regulation I(C)1. Description of exercises & guidance for judges


Method of Handling.

Although implicit obedience to all orders is necessary, dogs and handlers must operate in as free and natural a manner as possible; persistent barking, whining, etc. in any exercise other than location of articles, person or speak on command should be penalised. Food must not be given to the dog by the handler whilst being tested. The handler must not have food or a toy on their person whilst the dog is being tested.

(Deletion struck through. Insertion underlined.)

Amendment to Regulation I(C)15

The following amendment is intended to bring the I Regulations in line with current custom and practice.

Regulation I(C)15


15. Search and Escort — The “protected steward” will be searched by the handler with the dog off the lead at the sit, stand or down. The Judge will assess whether the dog is well placed tactically and ready to defend if called to do so. The handler will be told to escort the “protected steward” at least 27.432m (30 yds) in a given direction, he will give at least one turn on the direction of the Judge. During the exercise the “protected steward” will turn and attempt to overpower the handler. The dog may defend spontaneously or on command and must release the “protected steward” at once, both where he stands still and when the handler calls him off.

(Deletion struck through.)

Amendment to Regulation I20.g

The following amendment is intended to ensure that a society could forego holding a second trial in the year they are hosting the Kennel Club Working Trial Championships.

Regulation I20.g


The Working Trial Society selected to hold the Championships may forego holding one Open a Working Trial during the year in which they hold the Championships without affecting their status to hold other Championship Trials.

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