Vulnerable Native Breeds Finalists Head to Crufts

The Kennel Club has announced the finalists taking part in the Vulnerable British and Irish Breeds competition at Crufts.

The competition, sponsored by Eukanuba and supported by the competition's media partner Our Dogs, is the only one of its kind in the UK, raising awareness of Britain and Ireland’s rare native breeds and recognising those breeders and owners dedicated to ensuring their continued survival.

In order to qualify for the final, a dog must have been nominated by its owner and have accumulated the most points in its breed at championship and open shows in the preceding year.

The finalists are as follows:

Bloodhound, Sam Clark’s Ch Gioia Delle Isole Lontane at Farlap, 4 points. 

Bull Terrier (Miniature), Elaine and Verity Clark’s Ch Grandopera Macchiato, 5 points.

Collie (Smooth), Trevor and Birgit Hayward’s Ch Clingstone’s Hot Shot at Foxearth, 12 points.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier, Liz Jacka-Slater’s Cloverwood Duchess May, 15 points. 

Deerhound, Kay Constantine’s Cotherstone Islay Mist of Kaleginy, 16 points.

English Setter, Kate Thomson’s Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd, 26 points.

English Toy Terrier, Terry Burgess, Dominic Browne, Katherine and Christine Williams’ Ch Sharex Burning Love for Dobrugh, 17 points. 

Fox Terrier (Smooth), Rachel Turley’s Zetamaz Marcel Marceau Avec Llyunamill, 29 points. 

Glen of Imaal Terrier, Kathy George and Natalie Sullivan’s Ch Romainville Billy Whizz, 7 points. 

Gordon Setter, David Alcorn, David Crowther and Josie Baddeley’s Sh Ch Lourdace Fulcrum, 19 points. 

Irish Terrier, Angela Cooke’s Ch Montelle Carvillius Gold, 23 points. 

Kerry Blue Terrier, Carmel Clarke-O’Neill’s Lemracdream Raphael, 7 points. 

Lancashire Heeler, Nina and Ellie Beach’s Ch Foxthyme Back To Black, 14 points. 

Manchester Terrier, Kevin Carter’s Ch Digelsa Declaration, 24 points.

Mastiff, Emma Herring and Jamie Dodd’s Ch Cedwalla Country Boy By Heffalump, 4 points. 

Norwich Terrier, Ali Hayes’ Ragus Fabulous Clown, 14 points.

Otterhound, Samantha Lewis’ Ottaryx Phaedrra, 7 points.

Sealyham Terrier, Len and Denise Bettis’ Dudwell Double Decca D’Ornella, 5 points.

Skye Terrier, Jane Curtis’ Ch Brakemill Barnum, 15 points.

Spaniel (Clumber), Peter and Jackie Sheppard’s Whissgig Daddy Cool, 7 points.

Spaniel (Field), Caroline Smith’s Ewtor Affinity For Flyenpyg, 14 points. 

Spaniel (Sussex), Gordon and Lesley Nesbitt’s Yorkham Fred Bear From Charbrouille, 15 points.

Welsh Corgi (Cardigan), Peter Clifton’s Ch Joseter Mr Blobby, 26 points.

The final, to be judged by Stuart Plane, will take place at 6pm in the Genting Arena on Friday 10th March at the NEC in Birmingham.

Gerald King, Crufts Chairman, said: “The Kennel Club Vulnerable British and Irish Breeds Competition final is always a popular feature at Crufts. We are delighted to be able to showcase these special breeds in this way, and would urge visitors who may be interested in acquiring one of these breeds to also spend time in the Discover Dogs area of Crufts in Hall 3 where the dogs can be met at close quarters. Meeting the breeders in this way is always a great way to find out if a breed is suitable for a particular family’s lifestyle.”

More information on the vulnerable British and Irish breeds can be found on the Kennel Club website.