Kennel Club Releases Agility Measuring Video

The Kennel Club has released a short video explaining the process of having a dog measured to compete at agility shows.  

As required under Kennel Club regulations, all dogs competing in small and medium height categories must be measured by official agility measurers before they compete at their first agility show. A second measurement must be undertaken 12 to 24 months after the first measurement.

The video goes through the process of what the handler and dog can expect, and how the dog should stand, along with measuring advice from one of the Kennel Club’s Senior Measurers and Accredited Trainer, Jackie Gardner.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “Agility is a fun activity for both dog and handler, but it is important that dogs compete in the correct height category. This is why we are confident that this new video will prove very useful to all people who take part in this discipline, or interested in doing so, as it explains the measuring procedure in a very easy-to-follow format.”

To see what is expected when your dog is being measured or to find a Kennel Club Accredited Measurer or Senior Measurer within your area, please visit the Kennel Club website where a list of future measuring days is also available.