Exhibitors at Crufts Must Supervise Their Dogs at All Times

With Crufts approaching, the Kennel Club would like to remind exhibitors of the importance of supervising their dogs at all times and not leaving them unattended.

Crufts is an exciting time, not just for those members of the public coming to see the spectacle, but also for exhibitors who have worked so hard to get their dogs to the show. There is no other event like Crufts – it draws an entry twice the size of other large championship shows in the UK – so it is important that exhibitors take the extra crowds and dogs and other factors into account.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “An exhibitor’s main priority at Crufts should be their dog. Of course, there will be times when they will need to take their dog off their bench, especially when being exercised or shown, but it is vitally important that the extra crowds are taken into consideration, especially around the benching areas and at the ringside. Allowing strangers to have access to dogs unsupervised is not only unwise from a security angle, it also increases the chances of dogs becoming stressed.

“The Kennel Club recommends that exhibitors bring a helper with them to Crufts so they can enjoy all the show has to offer including the shopping areas, knowing someone is looking after their dogs on the benches. If this is not possible, asking a fellow exhibitor to act as ‘neighbourhood watch’ for short periods, and doing the same in return as a favour, is far preferable to leaving dogs unattended.”