Imported Breed Register dogs eligible to compete In group competitions

The dog declared Best AV Imported Breed Register will be eligible to compete in its relevant group competition at limited, open and championship shows, with effect from 1st January 2018.

This innovation has been brought in by the Show Executive Committee following a recommendation from the Dog Show Promotion Working Party which recently announced a number of measures designed to improve the dog show scene in Britain.

The amendments to the show regulations are as follows:


  1. All Championship, Open and Limited Shows must schedule at least one Any Variety Imported Breed Register Class.

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Imported Breed Register

For breeds confined to the Imported Breed Register and only when an Interim Breed Standard has been published by the Kennel Club.  Such breeds may be exhibited in this class only with the winning dog being eligible to compete for Best in Group or Best in Show as relevant, and are ineligible for any other competition whatsoever.

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Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “The Kennel Club has received feedback from a number of exhibitors that this concept would be a welcome addition to the show scene. The working party was of the view that by appearing in group competitions, it would give the owners of these dogs an incentive to enter more shows and the opportunity to raise their breed’s profile.”

Dogs on the Imported Breed Register will still only be eligible to compete in the Imported Breed Register class or classes with the exception of the winning dog or dogs being eligible for the Group and/or Best in Show competitions.

A minimum of one AV Imported Breed Register class must be scheduled on each day of a show. Show societies which have already printed their schedules for 2018 will not be required to amend them if they have not included these classes; however, they are asked to ensure AV Imported Breed Register classes are scheduled at their next show.

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