Reminder on Agility Judging Procedures

The Kennel Club has issued a reminder on the procedures that agility judges should follow when they judge at Kennel Club licensed events.

It has been brought to the Kennel Club’s attention that a number of judges may be judging according to other agility organisations’ regulations and not the Kennel Club regulations at its events. Agility judges are reminded that whilst judging at any Kennel Club licensed events they have agreed to judge under Kennel Club regulations and therefore must abide by them.

The Kennel Club recently announced changes in the way the agility judges’ seminars will be taking place, whereby the rules and regulations seminar will now be available on the Kennel Club Academy. Judges may wish to sign up to this resource in order to keep up to date with the latest regulations.

Additionally, the Kennel Club has a number of resources available on its website which judges may wish to download and use. These documents are as follows: Agility Regulations, Guide for Agility Judges and Stewards, Judges’ Guide to Agility Equipment and Calculating Accurate Course Times.

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