Kennel Club Celebrates Successful International Agility Festival

Record number of dogs compete at the world’s largest agility festival

The Kennel Club International Agility Festival took place at Rockingham Castle over the weekend with more than 3,000 dogs from all over the world competing at all levels of experience in agility.

The festival, which is kindly supported by CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds, welcomed all dogs from Pomeranians to Great Danes, and competitors from 20 different countries.

Competitions included the Championship classes, where top graded dogs competed to qualify for the Agility Championships held annually at Crufts, and a special international class enabled handlers to qualify for the British Open Final, which is also held at Crufts. The quarter and semi-finals of the Kennel Club Olympia Agility Stakes saw handlers secure a place for the prestigious competition held at Olympia in December, and semi-finals for the Starters Cup gave dogs new to agility the opportunity to qualify for the final held at Eukanuba Discover Dogs London this October.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said: "This year we had a record breaking number of dogs compete at the festival, which is a real testament to how popular agility truly is. We are so pleased that it was again such an amazing success, and that it was enjoyed by competitors, visitors and dogs alike.

“Agility is a very popular canine activity because it is for all ages, breeds and experiences; not only did we have the top competitors at the festival this year, but also people new to the activity, and entrants as young as 11 to those in their eighties.

“We also had a marriage proposal within the agility community at this year’s festival. Many congratulations to Mark Leybourne and Joanne Shawley from Washington, Tyne and Wear, on their engagement.

“The festival is a big highlight of the agility calendar and we’d like to thank everyone who made it such a fantastic event, especially those who travelled hundreds of miles to be there.”

Ceri Rundle, Managing Director of CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds, said: “Congratulations to all the winners and competitors at the Kennel Club International Agility Festival 2017. We are extremely proud to sponsor such a fantastic event and each year the calibre of competitors rise way beyond our expectations. It’s amazing to see the passion and dedication these handlers and their dogs have for agility, which was very much reflected in the record breaking numbers of dogs we had competing. We wanted to say a huge thank you to all the organisers, handlers, dogs, helpers and visitors who helped make this year’s festival such a successful, fun and friendly event.”

The top three placings in each of the main competitions at the festival were as follows:

Kennel Club Agility Championships

Large Agility Championships

1 – Martin Reid and Ag Ch Borderpaws Secret Surprise

2nd – Dave Munnings and Ag Ch Devongem Mister Boss Man

3rd – Euan Paterson and Preloved Glendale Girl

Medium Agility Championships

1 – Hayley Telling and New Illusions Bi Enchantment Of The Five Colors

2nd – Hannah Thorp and Izzie Catch A Falling Star

3rd – Steven Richardson and Ag Ch Noworries Sweeps Dream

Small Agility Championships

1 – Zoe Councell and Jessie Blackjack

2nd – Chrissy Mitchell and Little Blue Addition

3rd – Penelope Lowes and Totanium Penny Black

Starters Cup Semi-Final (Discover Dogs qualifier)

Large Kennel Club Starters Cup Semi-Final
1st – Alison Trotman and Malmelsa Romancing Marcello

2nd – Angela Buckley and Kalon In Paws Be Lucky

3rd – Mike Ware and Treacle Toes

Medium Kennel Club Starters Cup Semi-Final
1 – Abbi Storer and Le Belle Sauterelle

2nd – Georgina Krall and Ambertollers Devotion

3rd – Linda Gilbert and Naxshivan's Timely Agatha

Small Kennel Club Starters Cup Semi-Final 
1 – Lesley Dexter and Lolly Lola Lollipop

2nd – Jackie Lanni and Blondes Have More Fun

3rd – Tracy Robert and Curly Wee

Novice Cup Semi-Final (Crufts qualifier) 

Large Kennel Club Novice Cup Semi-Final
1 – Sam Lane and Delanor Arch Rival

2nd – Amanda Yates and Devonairs Kanga

3rd – Bridget Fletcher and Ketschker My Kellie

Medium Kennel Club Novice Cup Semi-Final
1 – Emma Gamble and Dynamite Dinky Diva

2nd – Sam Davies and An Unexpected Trim At Sigroc

3rd – Pat Partridge and Hillsidejemz Simply Buzz

Small Kennel Club Novice Cup Semi-Final
1 – Susie Josty and Basileas Pixie Power

2nd – Michelle Chan and Sharndah Star X Luva

3rd – Vicki Young and Oreo Twist N'Dunk

Kennel Club International Young Handler Final

International Young Handler (under 12)
1 – Max Glover and Maximus Silvestris

2nd – Chloe Powling and Jess Summertime Falls

3rd – Lucinda Lowes and Meisterwerk Busey Bee

International Young Handler (12 and over)
1 – Sara Bacon and Tynevermoor Secret Dream

2nd – Ben Alderson and Ag Ch Goose Girl

3rd – Sara Bacon and Tynevermoor Torque

Kennel Club British Open Semi-Final (Crufts qualifiers)

Large Kennel Club British Open Semi-Final
1 – Lisa Frick and Extra Jackpot

2nd – Jo Gleed and Lookylooky Ready Or Not

3rd – Chris Kawecki and Ozzy The Thunderpup From Khaoskye

Medium Kennel Club British Open Semi-Final
1 – Hayley Telling and New Illusions Bi Enchantment Of The Five Colors

2nd – Lara Staplehurst and Alfee's Surprise

3rd – Stefan Nagel and Gilraen Du Mourioche

Small Kennel Club British Open Semi-Final
1 – Sarah McLean and Milo`d Of Mischief

2nd – Nico Descamps and Roos van Den Dullaerthoeve

3rd – Alan Bray and Ag Ch Sirensong Tantrums N Tiaras At Upanova

The Kennel Club Special International Final

Large Special International Final

1 – Jouni Orenius and Peatdigger Zen Cora

2nd – Anne Lenz and Berta A Flotte Sach

3rd – Anne Lenz and Ayla A Flotte Sach

Medium Special International Final

1 – Jesus Fernandez Crespo and Maesydderwen Dazzle For Devongem

2nd – Elizabeth Wilhelmsen and Artigtitten Tutta Teis Tara

3rd – Gunther Sourbron and Ici Of Frightning Speed

Small Special International Final

1 – Cathrine Sondergaard and Heavenly Twinkle Star V.Nindorf

2nd – Lizandra Ströhle and Louisiana Vom Karntnerland

3rd – Inge Olaerts and Katou Van't Geystersveld

Kennel Club Nations Cup

Large Kennel Club Nations Cup
1 – Germany

2nd – France

3rd – England 3

Medium Kennel Club Nations Cup
1 – Netherlands

2nd – Wales

3rd – Rest of the World 2

Small Kennel Club Nations Cup
1 – England 1

2nd – Wales 1

3rd – Rest of the World 1

Read the full list of results.