Judging at Partnership Shows

Due to the current increase in partnership shows being held, the Kennel Club would like to clarify its position with regard to judging at such events.

Partnership shows are those which are held where a host society and another club share a venue and facilities in order to allow exhibitors the opportunity to exhibit at two events during the duration of the host society’s show. In most cases, the host society’s event will be a general championship show held over a number of days.

At partnership shows, a judge should not officiate at one show and enter and exhibit at the other show even if they are exhibiting a different breed on another day to that which they are to judge.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “The Kennel Club believes that it is important that the role of a judge is separate from that of an exhibitor. Anyone entering a dog for competition at a show should not have access to any of the facilities offered to judges and nor should they fraternise with judges. The partnership show concept is proving popular with societies and exhibitors alike, so it is important that exhibitors have confidence that judges are concentrating totally on the task for which they have been appointed.”