Kennel Club Offers Free Tours of New Exhibition, Library and More

The Kennel Club has announced the dates for tours of its London HQ this autumn, with a focus on the new exhibition in the art gallery.

Canine Trailblazers: Dogs in Exploration showcases the many ways in which man’s best friend has aided the exploration of our planet and beyond, and runs from 2nd September until 13th January 2017. Highlights include photographs and artefacts from Captain James Cook’s maiden voyage, the heroic age of Antarctic exploration and the Soviet Space Race. The exhibition includes items on loan from prestigious institutions including the Royal Geographical Society, Scott Polar Research Institute and National Maritime Museum, as well as objects from individual lenders and the Kennel Club’s own collection.

As well as the fascinating exhibition, other noteworthy new additions to the Kennel Club premises include an extensive display of Crufts trophies, some of which have never been exhibited before, and two prestigious pieces of art: Greyhounds in a Landscape by Maud Earl, and famed painter John Emms’ portrait of early Clumber Spaniels.

Other highlights of the tour include the unique opportunity to see the world famous Crufts Best in Show trophy, the Keddell Memorial Trophy, up close; a visit to the world’s biggest canine library; and a rare chance to view Sir Edwin Landseer’s ‘A Distinguished Member of the Humane Society’, currently on loan from the Tate.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to learn more about the history of the Kennel Club, and the organisation’s efforts to improve the health and welfare of dogs in the UK. During the tour staff will explain how the Kennel Club is an unparalleled source of information on dog welfare, training and breeding.

Refreshments will be served upon arrival and each visitor will receive a Kennel Club goody bag when they leave. For a small charge, guests can prolong their visit with a lunch prepared by the catering team.

There will be public tours every month, each beginning at 11am. Places are limited so visitors wishing to join a tour must book in advance via phone or email.

Dates for September until November 2016 can be found on our website. Private tours for ten people or more can also be booked for a small fee.