Double Handling Prohibited In All Breeds, Kennel Club Reminds Exhibitors

Following recent incidents at shows, the Kennel Club wishes to remind exhibitors in all breeds that double handling is prohibited.

Double handling involves attracting an exhibit from outside the ring and can take many forms – everything from using toys and food to attract attention to calling out a dog’s name. The vast majority of exhibitors do not get involved in such behaviour, as it is not only prohibited by the Show Regulations but importantly is unsporting and can give the dog an unfair advantage over its fellow competitors. 

The relevant regulation reads as follows:


The attracting of the attention of exhibits by any method from outside the ring is prohibited. It is the duty of the Judge, steward or Show Management noticing such attraction to ask that it cease.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “There is a perception among some exhibitors that double handling is an issue which affects only the German Shepherd Dog breed. This is not true – the regulation applies to all breeds and, where breaches are reported to the Kennel Club with evidence, appropriate action will be taken.”