Collapsible Tunnel No Longer Approved For Use by the Kennel Club

The Kennel Club has removed the collapsible tunnel from its list of approved obstacles for agility classes with immediate effect.

Following the suspension of the use of the collapsible tunnel by the Kennel Club on 30th August 2016, the Activities Sub-Committee discussed the proposed amendments to Regulation H(1)(B)3.i which related to the dimensions and construction of the collapsible tunnel.

Upon further consideration, the sub-committee concluded that there were significant difficulties in creating a new design which would work in all conditions and that the issues in creating a prototype capable of being negotiated by dogs of all sizes negated the benefits of the proposed new design. As such it was decided that the best course of action would be to remove the obstacle from use.

The General Committee supported and approved the recommendation from the Activities Sub-Committee and the collapsible tunnel is therefore no longer a Kennel Club approved piece of agility equipment.

The relevant amendments to Kennel Club H Regulations are as follows:

Regulation H(1)(B)3.i.


Collapsible Tunnel—Diameter: 609mm (2ft) minimum. 762mm (2ft 6ins) maximum. Length 3.048m (10ft) minimum. Circular of non-rigid material construction. It must have an entrance of rigid construction with a depth of at least 457mm (1ft 6ins) that can be fixed or weighted to the ground. Minimum entrance height 483mm (1ft 7ins) clear (with suitable padding), if entrance has a floor this must have a non-slip surface.

(Deletions struck through.  Subsequent paragraphs to be renumbered.)

Regulation H(1)(B)1.a(2) Championship Class


(i) The Agility Rounds (Large, Medium and Small) must contain the following elements: “A” Ramp, Dog Walk, See Saw, Hurdles, Hoop (Tyre), Long Jump, Pipe Tunnel, Collapsible Tunnel and Weaving Poles, together with any other obstacles as described in these Regulations, at the discretion of the judge.

(ii) The Jumping Round (Large, Medium and Small) must contain the following elements: Hurdles, Hoop (Tyre), Long Jump, Pipe Tunnel, Collapsible Tunnel and Weaving Poles and must exclude contact obstacles.

(Deletions struck through.)