Scotland’s Largest Dog Show Attracts Thousands of Canines from Across the UK

  • Scotland's largest dog show and one of the biggest in the UK
  • More than 6,500 dogs and 200 breeds on show over three days
  • One of the largest gatherings of rare Scottish breeds, such as the Smooth Collie (lesser known than its Rough-coated cousin made famous by the Lassie movies) and Dandie Dinmont Terrier (the only breed of dog named after a character in a novel)
  • Many well-known Scottish breeds on show including family favourites such as the Golden Retriever, West Highland White Terrier and Scottish Terrier
  • Dogs competing for a spot at the world famous Crufts dog show, to be held next March in Birmingham
  • Public can bring their own 'spectator dogs' on the day (these cannot compete in the show)

More than 6,500 dogs from over 200 breeds will be descending on Edinburgh from 20th- 22nd May as the country's largest event of its kind, the popular Scottish Kennel Club Championship Dog Show, is held at the Royal Highland Showground at Ingliston, Edinburgh.

The show will see dogs being judged on a number of factors, including temperament and that they are fit, healthy and happy dogs that are good examples of their breed, as they compete for the ultimate 'Best in Show' prize and in a bid to qualify for the world's largest dog show, Crufts, to be held at the NEC in Birmingham next March.

The show is one of the largest gatherings of rare British and Irish native dog breeds in the country, and will showcase rare Scottish breeds such as the Skye Terrier (18 of this breed on show), Smooth Collie (24) and Dandie Dinmont Terrier (23), which are all bred in such small numbers today that they are considered by the Kennel Club to be at risk of disappearing from Scotland's streets and parks. 

In addition to breed judging, the show is holding its Championship obedience competition on the Saturday and Championship agility on the Sunday, so visitors can watch a range of events and find out more about the different activities that dogs can get involved in.

The show is perfect for families researching the right breed of dog for them, and visitors will be able to meet well-known Scottish breeds such as the Golden Retriever (170 of this breed on show), Scottish Terrier (25) and West Highland White Terrier (39), as well as some of the lesser-known breeds.

Visitors to the show will be able to speak to experts about caring for different breeds, watch the dogs competing in various classes, hoping to impress the judges who are looking for fit, healthy and happy dogs that are good examples of their breed, and find out more about what is involved in a championship dog show.

Beth Harrison, Secretary of the Scottish Kennel Club, said: "Ours is the largest event of its kind in Scotland and we are very proud of the Scottish Kennel Club's rich heritage. Scotland is very much a nation of dog lovers and the SKC Championship Dog Show is one huge celebration of man's best friend and is a fabulous way to spend a day out for any dog lover, young or old.

"We have lots of dogs coming to compete from outside of Scotland, with exhibitors travelling to Edinburgh from all over the British Isles, but Scottish dogs never disappoint and we are looking forward to seeing them go head to head at the show.

"The show is an ideal place to explore the world of dogs and find out more about man's best friend and what happens at a dog show. We've also got lots of great trade stands selling all kinds of doggy wares for those dog lovers who want to enjoy a bit of retail therapy. Visitors can bring their own dogs along to the show as 'spectator dogs' for a small fee, as long as they are over four months old, to cheer on their fellow canines, so it should be a real festival of dogs."

Competition classes are held across the seven pedigree dog groups.  Friday 20th May will see Working and Pastoral breeds competing, followed by Gundog and Utility breeds on Saturday 21st, and Hound, Terrier and Toy breeds on Sunday 22nd. Sunday also sees the climax of the competition - Best in Show - followed by Best Puppy in Show.

The show is one of 37 Group and General Championship Dog Shows licensed by the Kennel Club throughout the year, which enable dogs to qualify for next year's Crufts.

Admission prices are £5 for adults, £3 children/concessions and £12 families (two adults and two children over three years of age). Car parking costs £5, payable to the Royal Highland Centre. Visitors can bring dogs to the show with them as spectator dogs for an entry fee of £5 payable at the gate. 

More information on the show can be found at Find out more about dog showing, or any other activity dog owners can get involved in with their dogs.