Kennel Club Updates Guidelines for Owners and Handlers Taking Part In Canine Activities

The Kennel Club has approved amendments to the 'Guidelines for Owners and Handlers with Dogs Taking Part in Canine Activities' (excluding breed shows and gundog events). The updated document is available to view on the Kennel Club website.

These guidelines have been set out in order to ensure that a dog's welfare takes precedence over all other demands and at all stages during the preparation and training of the dog for, and during, competitive and non-competitive canine activities.

These guidelines set out the obligations that show and event organisers, clubs, trainers/instructors and owners/handlers have for the welfare of dogs taking part in Kennel Club licensed canine activities.

The guidelines can be found on the relevant pages for agility, obedience, working trials, Bloodhound working trials, heelwork to music and rally.