New Agility Regulations Allow a Challenge to a Dog’s Height Category

Championship agility judges will be able to challenge a dog’s existing height category under a new set of regulations to be introduced on 1st July 2016, the Kennel Club has announced.

Within the terms of the current H Regulations, there is no mechanism available to challenge a measurement once it has been signed off by the measurers, other than on the grounds of incorrect procedure.

The intention of the new regulations is to allow recourse to competitors where there is any uncertainty regarding the height of a dog. Currently, agility is in a position where there is speculation about dogs which appear ‘oversize’, and these new regulations are intended to combat such speculation.

Recently the Kennel Club has re-accredited all agility measurers at a series of assessment days across the country. From this re-accreditation, a number of measurers were invited to be senior measurers to facilitate the new regulations.

The new regulations will allow for an existing approved championship agility judge to request an additional measure on a dog which, in their view, is competing in the wrong height category.

If a dog changes height category as a result of the additional measure, that dog will continue to compete in the grade it had won into at the previous height.

The new regulations are as follows:

H(1)(B)4.(11) – (17)

(11) An additional measurement may be requested by the Kennel Club or a Kennel Club approved championship agility judge. The dog in question must have already had its final official Kennel Club measurement. The judge need not be officiating on the day the additional measurement is requested but must be in attendance at the show. No fee will be required from either the judge or the handler/owner.

(12) The request for an additional measurement must be recorded in the show’s incident book and lodged in writing at the Kennel Club within 14 days. The Kennel Club will advise the owner/handler of the dog of the requirement for an additional measure.

(13)  All small and medium dogs who are invited on to the Team GB Squad will be subject to an additional measurement.

(14) The additional measurement must be completed within 2 months of the request being received at the Kennel Club and must be undertaken by two measurers appointed by the Kennel Club from the list of senior measurers.

(15) The dog will continue competing at its current height until the additional measurement has been completed and confirmed by the Kennel Club.

(16) The height recorded at the additional measurement will take immediate effect.

(17) The additional measurement can only be undertaken once in a dog’s lifetime.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “Agility is a fun activity enjoyed by many enthusiastic dog owners. In order to cut down on speculation surrounding the height of some dogs which take part in agility, the Kennel Club has brought in these new regulations to ensure fairness for all and to make sure that this enjoyment is not spoiled in any way.”