Kennel Club Announces Field Trial Dates For New Season

The Kennel Club has announced the dates of its various field trials to be held throughout the new shooting season, and schedules and entry forms are now available on the Kennel Club website.

The dates for this season’s trials are as follows:

  • 15th August 2016
    Open Hunt, Point and Retrieve, Craig Castle Estate, Aberdeenshire
  • 18th August 2016
    All Aged Retriever, Candacraig Estate, Aberdeenshire
  • 10th September 2016
    Novice Retriever, Bowhill Estate, Borders
  • 4th October 2016
    Novice Hunt, Point, Retrieve, Norton Shoot, Worcestershire
  • 31st October and 1st November 2016
    Open Retriever, Blankney Estate, Lincolnshire
  • 7th November 2016
    Novice English Springer Spaniel, Witham on the Hill, Lincolnshire
  • 8th November 2016
    Open English Springer Spaniel, Witham on the Hill, Lincolnshire
  • 23rd November 2016
    All Aged Spaniel (Minor Breeds) Stake, Harvington Shoot, Warwickshire
  • 9th December 2016
    Novice Cocker Spaniel, Stean, Yorkshire

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “Another busy season of Kennel Club field trials is almost here and we are very much looking forward to seeing the dogs compete and showcase their natural working ability again this year.

“These field trials are designed to resemble a day’s shooting in the field, as closely as possible, so will test the dogs’ abilities to work for their owner or handler, using their natural instincts. Year on year we witness some incredible talent and are eager to see the stars of the working gundog world perform again throughout the season.”

Browse our full list of Kennel Club field trials for this season, including schedules and entry forms.

All Kennel Club field trials can be entered online at Entering a dog into a trial is quick and easy using the Fosse Data system, with payment for the trial being taken after the event if a dog and handler have a run.