Changes to Heelwork to Music Rules and Regulations

The General Committee has recently approved the following amendments to the heelwork to music regulations highlighted below, which will come into effect on 1st January 2017:

Amendment to regulation L(A)5

The following amendment is to be made in order to clarify that special classes could be held, and that wins and places would not count towards progression.

Regulation L(A)5 – Special Classes


a. At all types of Heelwork to Music competitions Societies may schedule classes other than those defined above, as "special" classes. The eligibility for special classes must be defined by the society and included in the schedule. The word "special" must be included in the title of the class.

b. Wins, places and points gained in special classes will not count towards class progression or Excellent Qualifications.

(Insertions underlined.)

Amendment to Regulation L14.a

The following amendment is to be made to support the view that it was not necessary for details of dogs entered ‘not for competition’ to be included in the catalogue, although entry details would still be retained.

Regulation L14.a – Management


a. Catalogues – The competition organisers must publish a catalogue for the competition containing names and addresses of all competitors (unless requested by the competitors to be withheld from publication), and full particulars of each dog as given on the entry form by the competitor, except dogs entered Not for Competition.

(Insertion underlined.)