Pre-Judging of Groups at General Championship Shows

The General Committee recently discussed the principle of pre-judging of Groups at General Championship Shows and wishes to express its encouragement that this way of managing Group competitions is adopted.

Pre-judging is a process used by societies as a means to making Group judging in the main ring more efficient. The scheduled judge initially pre-judges the Group in a separate ring prior to the main judging taking place. Initially the judge gives no indication of placings/awards. However, once judging in the main ring commences, and after watching the dogs enter the ring, the judge will then select a shortlist prior to making his final placings.

Caroline Kisko said "The Kennel Club is keen to encourage General Championship Show societies to consider adopting this practice as it will offer a time-saving benefit for these shows and consequently allow more time for other main ring competitions, such as Puppy and Veteran Groups or additional Variety/Stakes classes, thereby providing exhibitors increased opportunities to win prizes.

"In addition, making more efficient use of the show's main ring and holding more competitions at the end of the day will provide opportunities for more exhibitors to experience 'Group ring' competition, and it is hoped that a greater number will stay until the end of a show thereby creating a better atmosphere around the main ring.

"Accepting that it is at the show society's discretion to adopt a pre-judging format for its Group competitions, the General Committee nevertheless would encourage General Championship Show societies to give serious consideration to adopting this way of judging Groups, even if only on a trial basis."

If societies wish to adopt this practice, a notice should be included in the show schedule. If new stakes or variety classes are being scheduled, the definition for such classes must also be included in the schedule, along with eligibility should there be any subsequent Group competition.  Finally, should a General Canine Society Open Show judged on the Group system also wish to adopt this format for its Groups, they are at liberty to do so, taking into account the above on definition of classes and eligibility for any subsequent Group competition.