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Professor Tosso Leeb International Prize in Canine Health Winner 2020

Professor Tosso Leeb has won the International award as part of one of the largest and most distinguished veterinary awards in the world, the International Canine Health Awards. The accolade was awarded to Professor Leeb in recognition of his expertise in Veterinary Molecular Genetics which has led to the formation of a world-class canine genetics research program in Bern, Switzerland.

Professor Leeb, who is Director of the Institute of Genetics of the Vetsuisse Faculty, also leads his own research group who are working tirelessly to identify the causative genetic variants for inherited diseases, the results of which have led to a large number of publications that are highly cited by veterinary clinicians and scientists alike. Furthermore, he has also developed many genetic tests that now allow the eradication of many hereditary diseases in dogs. 

Professor Leeb’s research is focused on the analysis of inherited traits and diseases in domestic animals. As well as dogs, he works on other mammalian species including cats, cattle, goats, horse and sheep. He has been a pioneer of molecular veterinary genetics over many years, contributing to the identification of more than 50 causative genetic variants for inherited diseases in dogs. In turn, the genetic tests developed have greatly helped to eradicate many devastating hereditary diseases in dogs, including hereditary nasal parakeratosis in Labrador Retrievers and Greyhounds.