Professor Paul McGreevy, ICHA Winner 2017

Professor Paul McGreevy Professor of Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare Science at the Faculty of Veterinary Science University of Sydney

University’s first Professor of Animal Welfare, Professor McGreevy, is not only the author of six books and more than 200 peer reviewed papers, he is also one of the few academic veterinarians working in canine behaviour. His sustained contributions to animal welfare are outstanding, and he is a leading advocate for improvement in dog care, through books, apps and media appearances.

An epidemiological approach to studying inherited disorders helped Professor McGreevy to establish a cutting-edge disorder-surveillance system now in place in both the UK and Australia. VetCompass has become the global benchmark tool for surveying such disorders, gathering data on 5.8 million animals and holding details of over 36 million episodes of veterinary care. Epidemiological analyses of this data has produced an impressive tally of peer-reviewed findings, including definitive studies of longevity and disease prevalence in dogs.

Professor McGreevy’s research has been significant and varied. It has looked into, amongst other things; how anatomic morphology affects health and welfare, canine dementia and a means to diagnose Canine Cognitive Dysfunction, predicting suitability of guide-dogs for training, ideal living conditions to give best results in farm dogs, limitations of communication with dogs, how canine head shape alters behaviour, and how optimism in dogs can be measured.

Professor McGreevy’s research is exciting and ground breaking and his output on training, behaviour and breeding is remarkable, but it is his passion for dogs and their welfare that truly distinguishes him.

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