Professor Garden, ICHA Winner 2017

Dr Oliver Garden Henry and Corinne R Bower Professor of Medicine Chair, Department of Clinical Studies at the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Pennsylvania (Penn Vet)

Undertaking extensive post graduate training in both the UK and the United States, Dr Garden has gained an excellent international reputation as a small animal internist and immunologist. He is one of very few veterinarians of his generation that has successfully combined an outstanding clinical career with a strong basic research focus. Professor Garden’s research programmes into canine cancer immunology and autoimmune disease has advanced the field of canine gastrointestinal immunology and immunogenetics. He is wholly committed to turning clinical observation on canine immune mediated disease into pivotal research and his work has led to the development of novel diagnostic and prognostic testing in canine multicentric B cell lymphoma based on characterisation of regulatory T cells in the dog.

With a real passion for sharing knowledge of canine medicine, he has taught generations of veterinary students, mentored over 100 postgraduate students and has recently championed a world-wide initiative to develop Veterinary Clinical Immunology into a medical specialty, bringing together almost 200 specialists from around the world to form a new Clinical Immunology Special Interest Group.

Professor Garden’s work has significantly advanced canine research over the past two decades. He continues to inspire clinical staff into research projects and works tirelessly with a growing, vibrant research team dedicated to progressing the knowledge of canine health.

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