Mrs Tina Watkins - Breed Health Co-ordinator Award

Mrs Tina Watkins

Mrs Tina Watkins receives an award in the new category of Breed Health Co-ordinator of the Year for her unstinting efforts to improve the health and welfare of the Basset breed. After a career as a manager in the transport industry, Mrs Watkins has harnessed her formidable administrative talents to running health screening and training on behalf of her fellow Basset enthusiasts within the eight separate clubs serving the breed in the UK.

A life-long dog lover, Mrs Watkins kept a number of different breeds before settling on the Basset hound. She bred her first litter in 1990 and went on to a successful career breeding, showing and judging within the Basset world.

As a health coordinator her particular skill has been in encouraging others in the breed clubs to have their dogs tested for cherry eye, glaucoma and other eye diseases commonly inherited by Bassets. She has been recognised as a ‘true custodian’ of the Basset breed and her skills and energy have been acknowledged in the wider world of dog ownership through her membership of the Kennel Club and as a mentor for breed health coordinators across the UK.

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