Harriet Davenport, ICHA Winner 2017

Harriet Davenport University of Liverpool was awarded the Student Inspiration Award (Undergraduate).

A strong student with an aptitude for practical work and research, Harriet is currently in her third year of studying Veterinary Science at the University of Liverpool. The hardworking undergraduate has applied for a summer studentship to further investigate whether canine papillomaviruses may be implicated in the development of canine oral tumours, in particular tonsillar squamous cell carcinoma.

Previous studies have not found papillomavirus, but they have only used techniques which are likely to have a low sensitivity. Funding from this award will support Harriet in her continued studies and add an innovative enhancement to her summer research project, which would help to advance our understanding of this disease for canine patients and, in the context of ‘One Health’, further investigate canine tonsillar squamous cell carcinoma as a model for human pharyngeal cancer.

A dedicated student, Harriet always wants to expand her horizons and seek answers to the questions she has discovered. She plans to study for an intercalated degree in immunity and infection at the Imperial College, London, to further broaden her knowledge and prepare her for a career in veterinary research focusing on either immunology or oncology

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