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Emily Milodowski, who ranks in the top 3 of her cohort of 105 students in her year at University, has been chosen as the winner of the Student Inspiration Award. Her previous work on the prevalence and distribution of the bacteria, Campylobacter, in the canine intestine has led to her being awarded the £10,000 prize to fund her future work into wound healing.

Emily’s fund will allow her to study the problem of wound healing and infection in dogs, a study which will not only contribute to the future of canine health but may also be extrapolated to benefit human health.

Emily grew up in Loughborough where her family still live and has completed three years of her five year veterinary course at Bristol University and is currently taking a year out to study for a BSc in Cellular and Molecular Medicine, a scholarship funded by the Wellcome Trust. During this “vacation scholarship” Emily has learned and used new molecular techniques to investigate the prevalence and distribution of Campylobacter bacteria in the canine intestine using biopsies collected during standard hospital investigations of dogs with chronic diarrhoea. Within the duration of the scholarship, Emily not only completed the planned work but also extended the project to look at the inter-action of the bacteria within the canine tissue cell line in vitro. This allowed the work to be carried out without testing on dogs or using clinical cases.

The Student Inspiration Award will now allow Emily to adapt the techniques she has learned during her scholarship to the problem of wound healing and infection in dogs. The research will also look at the potential of genetic predisposition for the way bacteria affects certain dog breeds. Some of this research also can be extrapolated to human health where wound infections and over-use of antibiotics are two of the major issues in public health.

Nominations are currently being sought for the next awards which will be presented at a ceremony at the Kennel Club in London on 24th May 2017. With a prize fund totalling £65,000, the Kennel Club Charitable Trust is urging people to nominate themselves or their peers by 13th February 2017. The awards will be judged by representatives from the veterinary profession and the world of scientific research, including experts in each of the nominees' selected fields. For more information about how to apply visit the Kennel Club website now.