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Dr Danny Scott - Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr Scott

Dr Scott has been described as one of the best known and most respected veterinary dermatologists in the world. He has made a massive contribution to improving the health wellbeing of dogs and other veterinary species through both his original research on skin diseases and his teaching of successive generations of young veterinarians.

Born in California, Dr Scott underwent his initial training in his home state before crossing the USA in 1971 to take up an internship in small animal medicine at Cornell where he has been based throughout an illustrious career. He developed new methods for analysing skin lesions which have revolutionised the diagnosis of many different diseases by making the results of skin biopsies easier to interpret.

Dr Scott was responsible for improving the recognition and treatment of generalised demodecosis in dogs, a distressing condition which previously would often have resulted in euthanasia. He also carried out crucial studies on the various autoimmune dermatoses of dogs, such as pemphigus erythematosus. His vast output of published research includes descriptions of 38 novel treatment regimens for various skin conditions and work on clinical trials of 26 different drug treatments.

His easy-going nature and passion for his subject have made Dr Scott a popular teacher and lecturer. He has guided the early professional careers of 26 veterinary residents and around 100 postgraduate students. He is also in demand as a speaker at meetings for fellow veterinarians, dog breeders and others. At the last count he had delivered more than 400 presentations at events across the globe.