Breed Health Co-ordinator Award Liz Branscombe Award Winner 2019

Liz Branscombe is a registered veterinary nurse who also spends a considerable part of her free time working to improve the health of her own breed and helping to train representatives of other breed societies.

She was appointed breed health coordinator by the FCR breed society in 2015 and is also chair of the organisation’s health committee. She has also worked closely with the Kennel Club health team and a group of other breed health coordinators in establishing a mentorship scheme that allows experienced breed health advisors to pass on their understanding of dog health and genetics to a new generation.

Last year she played a key role in the development and promotion of the Kennel Club’s breed health and conservation plan, working with different breed organisations to complete the resulting action plan. Liz is keenly aware of the importance of sound evidence on which to base decisions that will affect the health of pedigree dogs. She has been involved in various initiatives such as the cause of death register which aims to establish an online source of information on the major health issues affecting her favoured breed. She is also an important conduit for sharing information between the dog breeding community and the veterinary profession, as an author of articles in the veterinary and canine press and a regular speaker at public and professional meetings.

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