Tips for grooming your dog during coronavirus

It’s recommended that for the health and welfare reasons, dogs are more regularly groomed at home during this pandemic. We’ve worked with experienced dog groomer, Hayley Byrne-Ingle, to share some advice and tips on how you can groom your dog at home at this time:

  • Pet suppliers fall under shops selling ‘essential items’ so many are still open if you need to purchase grooming tools and dog-specific shampoo. 
  • A good idea would be to brush your dog’s coat little and often, taking care around the sensitive areas. This will help your dog’s coat stay free of mats, whilst keeping your dog used to being handled.
  • Regular bathing of your dog will make sure their coat is kept clean, however please do ensure your dog’s coat is knot-free before, as bathing without brushing could cause further matting of the coat. 
  • Grooming could be used as a bonding time with your dog, with treats as rewards.
  • If your dog has a build-up of discharge around its eyes, please do not try and trim anywhere around their eyes. Instead, a small moist cotton wool piece can be carefully wiped from the corner of your dog’s eyes in a gentle downwards motion. This should remove or loosen any discharge surrounding the eye. Done daily, this can help prevent any build-up from occurring.
  • Try and check your dog’s claws as much as you can. If they are starting to curl and cut into the dog’s paw pad it might be advisable to call your vet, as this could be seen as a welfare issue.

If you have any further concerns about the welfare of your dog due to lack of grooming, we would recommend that you contact a local groomer, or whoever you regularly go to, for further advice.


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