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Advice and information for breeders

Dog breeders today have a number of different considerations to make when choosing which dogs to breed from.  One of the many important factors to take into account is the impact of inbreeding and how best to preserve genetic diversity, not only for the health of the next litter of puppies, but also for the health of the population as a whole.

Understanding inbreeding and the importance of genetic diversity
If you are unsure why inbreeding can cause health problems, or why genetic diversity is important, then the following information has been written especially for you.
Managing inbreeding and genetic diversity
There are a number of ways in which breeders can help preserve genetic diversity and minimise inbreeding, some of these methods are outlined here.
Information on Inbreeding Coefficient Calculators
Using all available Kennel Club pedigree information, the Kennel Club's COI calculators help you look at the degree of inbreeding, or inbreeding coefficient, for puppies that could be produced from a hypothetical mating, individual dogs and also provides each breeds average inbreeding coefficient.
Breed Population Analysis Reports
Recognising the importance of managing the rate of inbreeding, the Kennel Club's Population analysis reports allow breeders to review the unique situation for each breed and provide a framework to shape discussions on the best ways to improve, or maintain, genetic health.