DNA profiling and parentage analysis


The DNA profile is the ultimate in individual identification and offers a 'tamper-proof' means of identity. The profile need only be produced once and the DNA sample used to produce it can be stored as a permanent DNA record throughout the dog's life. Identification could be essential in a number of instances. For example, the availability of a profile could be used to identify an animal that may have been lost or stolen, and subsequently recovered. The profile could also be used to check the authenticity of a DNA sample being used to screen for the presence of disease-causing genes. Many such tests are being developed and it would be invaluable to be able to verify that the correct dog's DNA is being tested for the presence of the deleterious gene. Repeating the DNA profile on the same sample of DNA being used to carry out the gene test would be straightforward and prove conclusively that the correct animal is being tested.

Please note: DNA profiles are not instantaneous, so it is worthwhile microchipping your dog in addition. They also do not give information on the disease status.

Parentage/pedigree analysis

Provided that the DNA profiles of both parents are available, pups in a litter can be profiled and their profiles checked with their parents' profile to verify that the correct parents have been registered.

Individual DNA profiling kit requests

Many labs are able to DNA profile & parentage test. Once a DNA profile has successfully been completed the KC record of the dog can be updated accordingly provided the owner sends in a copy of the report


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