Fit for Function

The Kennel Club believes that every dog should be bred to be fit enough to enjoy its life to the full.

At the heart of this campaign is the belief that every dog, even if its function is solely to be a pet, should be able to see, breathe and walk freely. The Kennel Club has been working over the past twenty years to improve breed health and welfare and the Fit For Function: Fit For Life campaign keeps this at the top of our agenda.

Are you a puppy buyer?

As a puppy buyer there are certain steps that you can take to help ensure that the puppy is healthy and well adjusted. This starts at the point when you decide that you want a puppy and continues throughout the rest of its life. The Kennel Club cares as passionately about ensuring that you buy a happy, healthy puppy as you do and has outlined some simple steps that you can follow below.

Are you a breeder?

Responsible breeders are the future of dogs in the UK. Whether breeding cross breeds or pedigrees, breeders have a responsibility to do all they can to help ensure that their puppies are healthy and well adjusted and their breeding bitches are cared for.

There are a number of steps that responsible breeders can take to help improve the health and welfare of our nation's dogs.

Are you a Judge?

The show ring can be a powerful force for change, encouraging good breeding practice and enabling us to monitor and move forward certain breeds. Therefore the decisions made by judges in the show ring strongly influence future breeding plans and so they have a critical role to play in ensuring the future health of dogs.


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