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The Breed Health Co-ordinator Mentor Scheme

The role of a Breed Health Co-ordinator can be a rewarding but challenging one.   A BHC may be appointed for a variety of different reasons, including their breed knowledge or their skill set, but being directly involved with helping your breed often requires you to explore areas and skill sets that are unfamiliar to you.  The Kennel Club is always keen to support BHCs in their role and the Mentor Scheme allows those who have experienced the difficulties of the role to give advice, support and motivation where it is needed the most.

What is the Breed Health Co-ordinator Mentor Scheme?

The Breed Health Co-ordinator Mentor Scheme helps Breed Health Co-ordinators (BHCs) who require assistance, especially those who have recently become BHCs.  The mentor scheme currently involves a small number of highly experienced and passionate Breed Health Co-ordinators and health representatives who have volunteered to help you to help your breed.

How does it work?