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Bulldogs are a much loved breed – the sixth most popular in the UK – but as a brachycephalic breed, there are also health challenges that need to be addressed. Improving the health of Bulldogs and any other breed with health concerns is the Kennel Club’s top priority and as such we have a number of things in place to do this.

Whilst around 70 percent of Bulldogs are bred outside of the Kennel Club’s sphere of influence – and with physical exaggerations that are driven by fashion because it is perceived to look ‘cute’ – we work hard to inform people about the health problems that can come with this. We work closely with Breed Clubs, vets, geneticists and other animal welfare organisations to provide tools and strategies for breeders who are determined to breed healthy Bulldogs.

We are a not for profit organisation and have invested almost four million pounds in the last decade into research that will help to improve dog health and will continue to work with others to find positive solutions for the breed.



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Bulldog Dog Health
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